day 2 – 1/2 training

Today marks day 2 of 1/2 training. Honestly I didn’t think I would workout today once I woke up and the only reason I did is because of this damn blog. I had set my alarm for 8am and even had a gym buddy so I knew I would go. Well I woke up at 8:30 to a text that my gym buddy wouldn’t be able to make it because she didn’t finish something she needed to. I also couldn’t believe my alarm didn’t go off. I am thinking I turned it off in my sleep so it wouldn’t go off anyways. On the agenda was a 30 minute workout via my Nike Training Club app. I had used this app while I was abroad to spice up workouts at the gym that I belonged to in Newcastle. I took my time waking up this morning and honestly didn’t think it would happen. I kept making excuses and telling myself I would hit up the gym tonight. I knew I wouldn’t. At 11:30 after cleaning my entire room and doing anything to procrastinate I told myself I just had to do it. Thankfully this workout didn’t need anything I didn’t have in my room so I got started. I did the Get Lean, Beginner, Sweat & Shape workout. 30 agonizing minutes later I was covered in sweat, dripping all over my room. It was tough, but worth it. I am glad I forced myself to do it and I just need to keep forcing myself to do it. I am very excited that the Nike training plan I am using incorporates workouts from the training app. The training plan I am following can be found here. I’ll be back tomorrow with day 3 of training.

ps I know I promised Day at Sea & Barbados…it’s coming, I PROMISE!! 🙂


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