as promised – st. thomas!

Our first day on the cruise was spent in St. Thomas. We were very lucky in the fact that Mary’s dad’s company had a boat in St. Thomas and their driver took us out for the day. We started off at an island getting our passports stamped so we could head to the British Virgin Islands. As we drove on the boat the captain told us all about the history of St. Thomas and the surrounding islands which I thought was very interesting. He explained about the first Corona commercial and then we got to see where it was filmed. After that we headed to a bar called the Soggy Dollar. Here we got lunch and Mary and I also bought Pain Killers. A pain killer is a drink that originated from the islands and is made with cream of coconut, OJ, pineapple juice, and rum, these ended up getting the best of me. After we finished lunch we had plans to go snorkeling so we headed back out to sea. IMG_0785 IMG_0791 IMG_0490

We came across a popular place to snorkel and hopped in the water. The last time I snorkeled I was in Mexico in 9th grade and I didn’t do to hot. I remember drinking a lot of sea water and having to turn around and go back. This time I did better. I only swallowed a little bit of water. I did however see so many beautiful fish, I wish we could have seen even more! It is times like that when I wish the lake was as clear as that water and we could see everything in the lake.


After snorkeling we hopped back on the boat and headed to another well-known bar. This bar was called Willy T’s and it is a bar on a barge. It was really awesome. Again we got some pain killers and just enjoyed the afternoon. The boat has a part where you can jump off the top so we each jumped off a couple of times. And by each jumped off a couple of times I mean Mary and I jumped off a couple of times while Jenn and Maggie jumped off once. It was a long ride back to the cruise ship and a nap was necessary. After ordering room service when I woke up I wasn’t in much of a mood to eat at dinner time. After dinner we passed out again. We did a lot of this…sleeping. Hey it was vacation 😉


Next up Day at Sea and Barbados! Posts are going to be posted at weird times so I can get all these posts up!!! 🙂


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