This past week I have been fairly nonexistent. Don’t worry I haven’t disappeared completely, I have just been overly stressed with midterms. Next week isn’t looking any better, but I might pop in once on Friday for a special day. This past week was spent studying for my accounting test. Which was hard. It was open book/ open notes but on Monday’s portion I didn’t even have time to look at my notes. Wednesday went much better and ended up saving my grade thank the lord. I am ecstatic about my grade and it isn’t even that great, which is saying a lot. I ended up getting a 78, which was 6 points higher than the average and out of the 25 people in my grade the majority of the class fell in the 70-78 range. Compared to the grades I was receiving last year from this teacher I would say I am off to a great start. He also curves at the end of the year so I have that to look forward to in my future.

As for next week I have a sign language test on Monday, an extremely large homework due in Business Policy on Tuesday, the GMAT on Thursday and a birthday on Friday. Hopefully I can find sometime on Thursday after the GMAT to write up a post, before that my head will be in the GMAT review book attempting to cram as much knowledge as I can into my head. Hopefully someone up above will be looking out for me and grant me the ability to get a good score.

I also made no bake cookies this past week so a recipe will be up soon with that also! God I miss the no bake cookies from KP. As I write this post I am in the library attempting to get some work done before it closes at 5!


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