Weekend Roundup

Hello everyone, what a weekend it has been! First I just want to say how I didn’t think my accounting teacher would ever attempt to be a nice teacher and he is!! He made us a study guide for our first test (upon our request) and is allowing us to take our test open book open notes. I COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!!! I am still going to study as if it weren’t open notes, but this will be so much more helpful. Our class is only 50 minutes long so I really won’t have time to be searching through my notes, but my goal is to organize them in a way that I can be efficient! I will keep you all posted on how it went.


I spent Friday in class until 1 and then had plans to take a nap. Those plans changed as soon as Mary called and asked me to run some errands with her. She needed to go to Michael’s and Target, I couldn’t say no to two of my favorite stores!! We hit up Michael’s first and I ended up containing myself from buying anything. Before we got to Target we passed a TJ Maxx and if you know me, you know I can’t pass up a TJ Maxx. I also needed a dress for the winter formal on Saturday so I figured I could find something cheap. I did, it was a success! I had a list of things to get at Target, simply essentials, some toilet paper, laundry detergent, and taco seasoning. A weird combo I know. I ended up only leaving with one thing not on my list, but it was time I spent the money to get it anyways. That is the only time I have ever left Target with everything on my list and nothing more! For dinner Meredith and I hit up the Towson Diner. She had never been and well I needed to show her what she was missing. It was delicious, I got french toast and a side of two scrambled eggs. Nom Nom. The rest of my night was spent doing homework and being on duty. I unfortunately got a call at 3am about loud people in the hallway. Of course it was my hallway. I dragged myself out of bed and yelled at the kids. I hate boys who think they are the shit, but they just suck. #sorryiamnotsorry


I slept in, which was completely necessary after the above mentioned 3am wake up call. I spent the rest of the morning lounging, eating some breakfast, attempting to get some homework and just being lazy. The afternoon was spent curling my hair and hanging out with some residents. Saturday night was spent at the aquarium. I didn’t get to do the walk through tour because our bus was so late, but I did get my two drinks at cocktail hour. Hey I paid $10 extra dollars I deserve to get my drinks!! The food was okay, nothing to brag about, but I did enjoy the lasagna. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the night, but I did happen to steal these from someone.

480473_1792985299451_1675785633_n 537806_1792988939542_1435580583_n


Sunday was spent being lazy (again) STUDYING! and driving residents to Giant for my January program. I spent so much time studying so lets hope it paid off for my test!!


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