five things friday

I know I usually do a Friday Favorites, but I am switching it up. SO instead I give you 5 things Friday. Each week I will switch on and off now.

1. #30dayshred – That’s the hashtag I am going to use every time I do it. I am attempting to make progress, if I can’t force myself to the gym I may as well do Jillian Michael’s in my bedroom. When I do force myself to the gym, I will still count it! So far 3 days strong, I would say that’s progress. My legs kill, my arms hurt, and I hover over the toilet when I go to the bathroom because it hurts too much to sit down. TMI? I don’t care.

2. My last winter formal as a college student is tomorrow. I only went freshman year and now this year. I am really looking forward to it, almost all my friends are going except for Liz. Yes I am calling Liz out because I know she is probably one of the five people reading this right now 😉 Our friends bought VIP tickets so I am looking forward to a preparty cocktail hour.

3. I had a test in one of my accounting classes yesterday. I didn’t prepare as much as I should have days in advance, but I would like to say my 4 hours before cram session went very well. And the hours I was in other classes looking over my notes helped too. Hopefully I will have done well.

4. This season of the bachelor…holy smokes. I can’t say I am happy with the choices Sean made this past week. One, I loved the girl with the one arm. She literally completed every obstacle that was thrown at her. And she just seemed so genuine. Two, REALLY TIERRA! I just hate her, I think everyone hates her. But that is probably why she has been around for so long, that is just how the show works. I pretend she isn’t there. Three, you let Selma kiss you on national television which she said she really shouldn’t do and then you sent her home. I HATE YOU SEAN, at least for this past episode. If you knew you were gonna send her home you should have stopped her.

5. It is finally pay-day. For some reason no one on campus has been paid for the entire month of January. I am not sure if it just a back log typa thing or what. But I realized the other day when my bank account had significantly dwindled. I also realized I need to start picking up more shifts and get the money flowing. A whole summer of no income is coming up and I hate to see what is going to happen.


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