I did it

I finally took the plunge and signed up for the GMAT. Ew. I am not happy about it at all, and I am extremely worried about it, but step one signing up. BYE BYE 250 DOLLARS. Why does it have to be so damn expensive?! Let’s hope I do well the first time. I need to take this test to be able to take the four classes I need to take this summer. So it is very important. I am taking it the day before my birthday so I need to step up the studying. I studied for a couple of hours this week, but I need to take even more time. I think this means slowing down on the reading and speeding up on the studying.

And that reading I was doing. You know how I said I was reading another book the other day? Well I finished that one too. In less than 24 hours. I swear I have a problem. I purposely get ahead on my homework so I can read. I am the lamest 21-year-old alive.

My plans this weekend involve a dinner at the Melting Pot for Baltimore County Restaurant Week tonight. Tomorrow I will be lounging all day and then have to attend a dance performance for my dance class. I am not really happy about it, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Hopefully it will get over at a decent time so I can still enjoy my Saturday night. Sunday will be spent carting the freshman around to the grocery store for 2 hours for my area program.

I am going to be honest here, I keep forgetting to update the blog. It might be all the reading I am doing, it might be the napping, it might just be the lazy. But every time I think about not posting, I think about the tweet I am going to receive when I don’t. Thanks Emma for keeping me held accountable 😉


One thought on “I did it

  1. So are you taking graduate classes this summer????? We’ll be praying you get the strength you need to put down that wonderful book and pick up that not so wonderful GMAT study guide! I know you’ll do great, but good luck anyway! love, Aunt Robin

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