Just realized Wednesday’s post was a novel #sorryimnotsorry. Anywho it is finally the weekend!! The first week of classes are over and I survived!! Saturday there is an alumni event on campus that some of the seniors are invited to. They only sell a limited amount to seniors, but lucky for us one of my roommate’s dad actually went to school here so he bought us alumni tickets! I am really looking forward to this, seeing people who have graduated that I know as well as catching up with my friends because I haven’t seen them in forever.

I never talked about resolutions on here around the 1st because initially I decided I wasn’t going to do the whole resolution thing. I since have changed my mind. I am trying to make all my goals attainable. Here they are:

  • Read a book a month (for fun)! So far I am off to a good start.
  • Train for my half marathon in June.
  • Stay ahead of my hw. This means doing it in advance and not leaving it until the last-minute.
  • Saying yes more. Pretty self-explanatory.

On a totally different note, someone posted this link of facebook the other day and it really made me happy. I couldn’t be more happy that I learned how to ski at a mountain that made it into the top five as well as knowing that I have been able to teach skiing at that very same mountain for the past 8 winters.

Any fun weekend plans?


2 thoughts on “Goals

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