Oops I did it Again

And no I am not talking about the Britney Spears song. I am talking about missing a post. To be honest, I didn’t even realize until halfway through the day and by then I had no time to do it. Then when I got back from class at 6 I saw this tweet from one of my close friends and this was my reply to her.

Picture 1

It is okay I have forgiven her…for now. So now you know why no post. IT WAS THE FIRST DAY OF CLASSES. Oh-Em-Gee I just started my spring semester of my senior year in college. Where in the world has the past four years gone. When they say college will go by in the blink of an eye, it really does. I am almost afraid that life after college will slow down or go by just as fast. I can’t decide which I would like more.

My day started out with a 10am introduction to dance class. As I walked over to our Fitness and Aquatic Center my nerves started to get to me. I anxiously snapchatted everyone I know a picture of me looking like I was going to pee myself. I held my pee back, but ended up getting to class extremely early. I’m blaming it on the first day of school. It ended up being so fine, and my teacher is extremely nice. I see some more awkwardness in my future in this class, but I am trying to not think about it. I rushed back to my room to decide whether or not I wanted to shower before my next class at noon. I ultimately decided not to because I didn’t sweat in dance class. My next class is basically my capstone class for my accounting courses. It is unfortunately taught by the same teacher that I had to drop last year because I was failing. I am hoping this year goes better, but every time the man starts talking I start to zone out. So far not off to a good start, but I am hoping to get better at this.

In between my accounting class and my last class of the day I took a much-needed nap. It was one of those naps where I fell asleep instantly and woke up on my own 45 minutes later. I am fortunate to have this nice long break in between the two classes, it spans from 1pm-4pm with class starting at 4:30pm. Most Mondays I will have an hour-long meeting at 1:15 or 2pm so it was nice today to have no meeting and be able to sleep. My goal for the semester is to use this break to my advantage and try to get a lot of work done.

My last class of the day was introduction to sign language and I am already in love. I enjoyed class so much and cannot wait until class tonight. My teacher told us by the end of class we would all be able to say our name. 10 points for me I knew how to do that before I got to class!! When I left I could tell you my name, where I live, and what my favorite color is. I eager to learn different expressions and I wish that there were more sign language classes offered that I could take.

Monday ended up being extremely busy with a floor meeting thrown in the loop, running to the airport to pick up Mary, and getting my residents signatures so the office of student life knows they are back.



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