It’s a Lemur

This past Monday I set my alarm for 6am, dragged myself out of bed and packed my ski bag. My friends and I were headed to Sunday River, a ski mountain about an hour and a half away from our houses. I got to their house around 6:30 and by 6:45 we were on the road. We wanted to give ourselves plenty of time to stop for coffee and still make it in time for the first chairlift ride at 9am. We did just that. We got a great parking spot right out front, got our tickets and were waiting in line at the chondola at 9am. Yes that’s right, a chondola. It is a gondola and a chairlift combined in one. In my opinion, it wasn’t as cool as I was hoping. It didn’t go up to the summit and didn’t have amazing views at the top like I would have liked. IMG_0524


My cheeks were frozen


At Sunday River there are multiple peaks, we made it to all of them multiple times throughout the day. My favorite peaks were White Cap and Jordan Bowl. Off of Jordan bowl there was some nice long blue squares that we ended up skiing done multiple times. My favorite trail was probably the trail Northern Lights off of the Aurora Peak though. The chairlift to OZ wasn’t open, but we skied through the bowl via the trail Kansas. Early on we saw a white animal run across the trail under the chairlift. We could barely see it because it blended in with the snow, but on its tail was a black spot. I said it was a Lemur, turns out Lemurs are only in Africa. So it wasn’t actually a Lemur, but after some googling I found out it is called an Ermine and is part of the Mink family.


Of off the Barker Peak chairlift (which was a chairlift that went over a pond…so cool, and there was a rubber ducky in the pond) was a point where I was able to take a panorama of the surrounding mountains. It was a gorgeous view and I was more than happy to let my fingers go numb to get a few shots in. Also at the top of that chairlift was a trail called Three Mile, we were interested in the trail so went for. About halfway through we gave up because we were walking more than we were actually skiing. It was a long, but fun day of skiing and we went into the lodge freezing ready to go home and again hit DD’s on the way.

IMG_0510      IMG_0520 IMG_0519 IMG_0518 IMG_0514

We all decided that we liked Loon better. We liked Sunday River enough, but we said we wouldn’t want to spend more than a day there. A day was plenty, a weekend might be okay, but I don’t think I would want to go for a whole week on vacation. On our way home we passed a gorgeous sunset and an interesting sign. I attempted to take a picture of the sign, but my flash was on and it was just a giant white sign, on the second try I got it. We didn’t know if there were actually towns in Maine called these names or if it was just a funny sign. Turns out they actually are names of towns in Maine. We ended out the night with 5.99 burgers at Applebees and left stuffed and ready for bed.



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