DIY Earring Holder

My goal during my Christmas break was to make an earring holder. I had seen a simple DIY project on Pinterest that I planned to recreate. I headed out to the store one night with my mom and attempted to find all the pieces I needed to accomplish this goal. Step one buying a picture frame. I didn’t like any of the frames I originally looked at, but ended up going back down the picture from aisle and finding the perfect frame hiding on the bottom self towards the back. It was a simple, white frame. The frame I believe was made for a diploma or certificate of some sort, but would end up being used for my earring holder!

Next step was at another store. I needed to buy the wire that would eventually hang across the frame giving the appearance of string. I couldn’t find the exact type of wire I wanted to use, but ended up buying a thin type of wire that you would use to hang things. I left the store feeling like I wasn’t super happy with the wire I bought, but it ended up being perfect! I ended up doubling up the wire and twisting it together so if necessary I can stick the earrings through the wire.


As soon as I got home I got to work on creating this masterpiece. I took out the backing to the frame, found the staple gun and collected the wire. Originally I cut two pieces of wire and wrapped it together, but I couldn’t get it as tight as I had wanted. I ended up measuring out the wire and then doubling it over and wrapping it that way. It became tighter and it was easier to bend and manipulate into the shape I wanted. After I decided how many rows I wanted, I got my staple gun and got working. While working the wire I made sure to create loops on both sides of the wire, so both ends. This made the stapling easier as I could staple the loop down instead of just a straight strand of wire down. The loop won’t slip out of the staple, but the straight wire would have. I put two staples for each loop just for good measure. After I was done I brought it upstairs to my room and started placing my earrings on it.


All of the earrings on the frame now are earrings I had left at home when I went to school because I don’t wear them often. I will be taking the frame back to school with me to put the earrings I wear often on it. I still haven’t decided how I want to hang it. I may find little hoops to staple on the back so it could be hung with nails or tacks, like a frame would. Then again I may just lean it up against a wall and call it good. If I am feeling daring later I also may paint the frame, but for now the off white frame is perfect. I have seen many different earring holder DIY projects on Pinterest and I may make another one using netting so I can place my studs in it instead of it being solely for dangley earrings.


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