A day of laughs

Yesterday I took the day off of work. After 6 straight days of teaching skiing I was more than ready for a little break. My friends and I decided we would spend the day skiing at another mountain not far away. We needed a change from the small mountain we work at and this was the perfect idea. We decided to go to Loon and because we work at another ski mountain we got a deal to only have to pay $25 for a ski ticket, compared to the $79 daily ticket we were stoked. We started bright and early at 7:15am. The mountain was about an hour and fifteen minutes away so we wanted to get there right when the mountain opened. IMG_0475

We made sure to stop at a Dunks on our way because a short road trip would be nothing without iced coffee. We ended up getting to the mountain right around 8:30am, grabbed our tickets and got ready. We were out on the hill within an hour. We spent the majority of the morning skiing all over the mountain deciding what trails we liked best. They had this awesome chairlift that went both ways, but was slow as could be. I think my favorite trail was one of the blue squares off the south peak. Because the mountain wasn’t very busy today we were able to just fly down the trail. I wish I had, had the app for my iPhone that tells you how fast you ski. I felt like if a person came out of nowhere in front of me I wouldn’t have had a chance to stop. Which scared me a little, but at the same time it is not often that I can ski like that. We broke for lunch around noon and were back out on the hill before 1pm. By the afternoon the sky was finally clearing and the sun was coming out a little. The weather was still extremely cold, but it was definitely worth it and I had a blast the whole day. I actually was crashing a sister bonding. The three people I went with were all sisters and I was the odd man out, but it was fine. We were cracking jokes the entire day and my stomach hurt on the car ride home where we told stories about our college experiences and I almost peed my pants multiple times. It is always a good time with them and next week we have plans to go to another mountain before I have to head back to Baltimore.


Who doesn’t love a selfie


Emma, Carolyn, and I


Jess, Emma, Carolyn, and I


Jess, Emma, Carolyn


We are all about the selfies

IMG_0494 IMG_0486 IMG_0485 IMG_0480 IMG_0479 IMG_0478 IMG_0477


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