Bye Bye Bye 2012

I can honestly say 2012 was quite the year. I started my year off at home after an amazing three-month vacation studying abroad in England. Looking back I forgot about some of the stuff I did. Here are some highlights!

School: I came back to school ready for the rest of junior year and excited to really get into my major classes. I struggled a lot with one class (a major class) and ultimately made the decision to withdraw and retake it in the summer. I ended up doing much better and am so happy I took the opportunity to do that. It was a tough decision to make, but I made the right decision. In July I returned to Baltimore to take two classes for the rest of the summer. This fall I started my last year of college and was very excited. I got invited to join the accounting honor society, Beta Alpha Psi. Towards the end of the semester I was extremely nervous about a final, but ended up doing much better than I thought. This semester also ended up being my best semester yet! Better late than never right?!

Summer: I spent the summer working with some great people. I ate a very large ice cream sundae that left me feeling uncomfortably full, but proud that I finished it! I took a weekend vacation and went to Cape Cod with one of my oldest best friends. Went to a professional lacrosse game and spent time with a friend who had been abroad all spring.

Life: I went out of my comfort zone a little and became an RA on campus. I can honestly say I am extremely happy that I became an RA. It took me three years, but I finally realized what I wanted to get involved in on campus. I turned 21!! Ran my second 5k, not as good as I hoped, but I really hadn’t run in a long time. I went to Annapolis, DC, my brothers came to visit, and I played intramural soccer.  I went on lots of interviews, and I was offered a full-time job for after graduation!

Obviously so much else happened during 2012, but those are some of the highlights that stick out the most in my mind. I am looking forward to 2013 and hope this year turns out fantastic. There are lots of thinks to look forward to; spring break, senior week, graduation, a half marathon, starting my job, and hopefully starting the CPA exam. 2013 is going to be a busy year!


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