It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I bet you are now humming that tune in your head, I know I am. As Christmas fast approaches I find myself not thinking of this time as the most wonderful time of the year, but more of the most stressful time of the year. Yes, this year has probably been more stressful than right now at this point, but right now it seems stressful. IT’S FINALS TIME!! My last fall semester of my undergraduate career is over and 3 finals sit between me and home. As you read this I am currently sitting in my first final. The final is for my ethics class and to be honest, I couldn’t tell you what I have learned this semester. I loved my class, but it wasn’t structured in the way that you learned something new each day, more like we debated about different viewpoints of philosophers. Our final is based on four articles we read earlier in the semester and we are going to be asked to compare and contrast the different philosophers opinions on the topic. Here’s to hoping I do well, according to the three things we have in our grade book I have an A and I would like to keep it that way!!

Peanut Butter and Jenny

Back to the Christmas Blogging Challenge, thanks again Jenny! We are up to day 14, and the question was real or artificial tree. Without a doubt I would get a real tree. They are a lot of work, but it wouldn’t be Christmas with a fake tree. I love the smell of the fresh pine needles. What I hate is having to vacuum them up or let a large pile collect on the floor. We always put our tree in the same place in my house and it just fits perfectly. My dog’s bed is right next the tree and it takes her a couple of days to warm up to the idea that she needs to slink under the branches to get out of her nook. I have been thinking a lot about next year and what I will do in an apartment. Will I get a fake tree? Will I be allowed to get a real tree? So many questions and I guess we will just see what happens when I get there!

Fake or real Tree?

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