A half marathon in my future?

Yes you read that correctly. I randomly entered a giveaway on Peanut Butter Fingers this past weekend. I had been thinking about entering into the ZOOMA race in Annapolis, but had no idea where I would be in June. Well now I know where I will be so I entered the giveaway. Thinking there was the smallest of small changes that I would ever win. Turns out I did win, so now I have free race entry into the ZOOMA race in Annapolis. I said on the giveaway I wanted to run the half and I think it would be a good goal for myself. Yes I haven’t run in about a zillion years, but you have to start somewhere right? There is plenty of time before June to prepare myself so I am not all that worried.

Peanut Butter and Jenny
Alright day 12; Wrapping paper or gift bags? For me I love to wrap gifts, it is so much easier to sneak a peek at a gift in a gift bag. I love all the fun and creative wrapping paper that is available during the Christmas season. I always wrap my presents at my mom’s friends house so no one in my family will sneak a peek while I am busy wrapping. Depending on the person, depends on the type of paper I pick. For my brothers it usually is a little cheesier because they are younger, but now that they are getting older I think they deserve some mature Christmas wrapping paper. When it comes to secret santa gifts I do usually use gift bags. It is easiest and it is a surprise anyways so if they sneak a peek at the gift it’s okay because the giver is the main surprise!!
Other news in my life, I will be home in NH in a week. I could not be more happy to get back home and put some skis on!

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