Friday Favorites pt. 2

Just like last Friday I have a round-up of some of my favorite things this week! At the end I will do the 25 days of Christmas Blogging!!!

Favorite Pin: I pinned this yesterday and just love it. I always want to write funky and cool on envelopes but am not creative enough. When I write my next pen pal letter I am going to try this out!!

Favorite Meal: Currently my favorite meal from this week would have to be the Crepe my friend Jenn brought me. On Monday Relay for Life had a fundraiser at one of my favorite crepe places in town. I was meeting with some residents so I knew I wouldn’t make it. Jenn was kind enough to bring me my favorite crepe (Kevin Bacon). I usually get really full eating and can never finish and I think the reason why is because it is so hot when you first get it. By the time it got to my room it had cooled down in time and I ate that crepe the fastest I have ever eaten a crepe.

I cannot really think of anything else that is a favorite, this week was spent a lot with my residents working on issues and a lot in meetings and a lot doing school work. You can tell the end of the semester is coming everything is going haywire! Now onto 18 days until Christmas!!!!!

Peanut Butter and Jenny
Today’s blogging challenge is my most memorable Christmas. I think I would have to say all of my Christmas’ have been memorable. I think my parents do a good job of making sure we are always excited and in the Christmas mood. I guess the most memorable one so far would have to have been last year. After spending three months in England it was nice to come home to Christmas time. There was just so much to do and some much to catch up on at home I was more than thrilled to be home for the holidays. Hopefully once I start working, I will feel the same way being able to get back home!

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