20 days until Christmas!!

Peanut Butter and Jenny
Thanks again to Jenny for hosting 25 Days of Blogging Christmas!! Today’s challenge is what is the best gift you have ever received. I was thinking a lot about this yesterday and in my mind nothing sticks out, as being an over the top best gift ever. I can vividly remember some gifts I have received like the year my sister and I received ice skates and then went ice skating with our mom a couple of days after Christmas. Or the year I got a camera because mine was a little outdated. I can remember a long time ago getting my first American Girl doll and thinking it was the coolest thing in the entire world. I have never been dissatisfied with a gift (I mean who has?!) and I tend to only ask for things I want not need (except I am still holding out for a Kitchen Aid Mixer..a girl can dream right ;))!!!
What was the best gift you have received?

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