25 Days of Christmas Blogging

Peanut Butter and Jenny
Peanut Butter and Jenny is doing a 25 days of blogging Christmas challenge. Since I only post on M/W/F I won’t be doing it everyday, but on those days I will be doing it. I did also miss yesterday and Saturday, but like I said I don’t post on those days. SO today’s challenge is about when/how you found out Santa was not real. Although Buddy the elf would disagree with this. I found out I believe in 4th/5th grade. A late bloomer if you will, but I did have three younger siblings at home as well. I remember being in our living room at home and asking my dad if he believed in Santa when he was my age. Instead of answering my question he replied with, “shh your sister might hear you and she still believes!” Well dad thanks for telling me Santa isn’t real, but that wasn’t my question. Oh well most of my friends at this point no longer believed so I was just joining the rest of the pack.
Usually on Mondays I do a roundup of my weekend, but I really did nothing this weekend except homework. Saturday night I did go out to dinner with some friends for one of their birthdays. I went to RA Sushi, the same place I went to over restaurant week in the summer. I got one of the same rolls and then a roll off their happy our menu. It was delicious and I left stuffed! The rest of my time has been spent studying for a test on Tuesday, writing a paper due Thursday, finishing a project due Thursday, and preparing for a final project in one class and a final I am almost positive I will fail in another. Next weekend should have a little more fun in it as classes will be ending and I don’t have finals until the 4th day so I have some time before I need to hit the books!

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