Friday Roundup


Thanksgiving is always a good time. I had been waiting to tell my family about my future plans and let me tell you it has been very hard to keep this all to myself for the past couple of weeks. About two months ago I let you all know I was applying to jobs and hoping for the best, then a month ago I let you know I had had some interviews and was going to a follow-up interview at an office. I am happy to say that now two months after the process began I have gotten a job. I signed my offer a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t be more happy! Granted now there is so much to think about in terms of preparing for the fall. Anyways I told my family yesterday so I could share the news here now. Thanksgiving was spent at my Aunt and Uncles house and everyone in the family was there, it is very rare that we all get to be in the same place at the same time so it was a lot of fun. We ate early and by 5pm almost everyone was in a food coma.


I plan to spend today clawing my way through the crowds at Walmart and Target. All I really want is some cheap movies to add to my collection. This afternoon my family has plans for some awesome family pictures! More on that to come later. I didn’t like the way my senior photos came out at school so I plan to have some solo shots taken.  Lastly tonight I am babysitting my cousins while my Aunt and Uncle go to a wedding.


Tomorrow will be spent in a car on the way back to Maryland. My Uncle and Aunt who live an hour away from school are going back home tomorrow so I decided that it would be better to save some money and catch a ride with them. This also gives me the opportunity to get an extra shift in at work on Sunday. I have plans to go to the grocery store and stock up on some essentials to make dinners in the coming weeks before finals begin!


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