Welcome to the Jungle

My mom’s status the other day said she had welcome to the jungle stuck in her head and what a better time to use that name as a blog post title. This past week I celebrated 200 days until graduation and the theme was Into the Wild. Mary texted me early Saturday morning and asked if I wanted to grab bagels and then head to the library after. On our way home we realized the library doesn’t open until noon and it wasn’t noon yet so we decided to hit up the liquor store to grab some necessary items to make jungle juice for the Into The Wild theme. By the time we got back to school the library still wasn’t open so we headed to the business school to get some work done.

After a nap, and a shower we were ready to start our celebration. I actually forgot to charge my camera so I could take some pictures to share. Instead I have some grainy blackberry pictures, some instagram photos and some other muploads. During senior 250s they had some food and the arena was decorated in Olympics themed. This time there was a french fry bar and the arena was decorated along the lines with the wild theme. There was a giant fake tiger, I actually saw someone try to get on top and get yelled at. I had asked to borrow some shirts from my summer job and luckily enough they came in handy. Liz and I dressed as tacky tourists on a safari in the wild.

Mary dressed as a girafee and it fit her perfectly. She is without a doubt the tallest out of our friend group so an animal that is tall was perfect for her. Before we went to the party we made some jungle juice. It ended up being more like sangria, but it was so yummy and eating the food out of my glass was a plus. There are more pictures to put up, but they haven’t been uploaded so I can’t show you guys yet. Just prepare yourself for it in the future.


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