I am a big fan of apple products and if asked I would recommend them to anyone. Obviously they run on the pricey side, but in my opinion if it lasts for a long time why not splurge? The reason I bring it up is because by next week I will have joined the iPhone world. I heard early last week that the iPhone 4 was free because the 5 had just come out. So I checked into it and decided that I wanted to get it. After I did some more research I found out my dad had an upgrade that gave us a credit. I switched upgrade dates with my dad (mine is in January) and decided to splurge and get the iPhone 4s. With the credit we had it was exceptionally lower in price than even what it had been this past summer. I am beyond excited to join the iPhone family and finally be able to play around with all the apps on it. Get ready to facetime all the time Thomas and Michael 😉

As for my other Apple products, I will still be using my iPods all the time and will not give up my Mac. I will be in need of a new one soon, but am going to hold out for a while. I have had my computer for 4 years now and it still works fine so I know if I do decide to get a new one, my current computer will be given down to my brothers to do what they choose. I thought about getting rid of my computer and just getting an iPad, but I realized I don’t want that and I really have no need for an iPad at least at the moment that is.

Do you have any favorite apps?




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