Weekend Recap

Let’s have a recap of this past weekend. Friday after class one of my RA friends and I headed to the mall to pick up some birthday presents for friends. I have had my eye on a pair of earrings from Francescas for so long and it was my lucky day because all jewelry was buy one get one fifty percent off! I ended up getting both of my friends birthday presents as well as getting a 21 birthday sash for Liz to wear when we went out Saturday night. When we got home from the mall I quickly got ready and then went on the 8pm duty round that I was covering. I booked it over to Liz’s house after to finish getting ready and hanging out. We went to Powerplant and got there right around midnight so Liz could get in on her actual birthday. I had never been and it was a lot of fun.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early and headed to Starbucks to grab a coffee and start working on some homework. I ended up finishing all my IS homework before a review session for a test. After the review session I booked it back to my room to prepare a baked brie I was bringing to a wine and cheese afternoon at Liz’s house. I let the phyllo dough dry out a little too much and then struggled to fix it. Once I got to Liz’s I put the brie in the oven. We made the mistake of putting the oven on broiler and putting the brie on the top shelf. Needless to say there was a smokey baked brie that was immediately put outside to cool off. I had extra phyllo dough so I rewrapped the brie and tried again. Good news it came out fantastic, and recipe to come soon!! Our night was filled with games, friends, and not enough sleep.

Sunday I woke up at the crack of dawn (not by choice) and then couldn’t fall back asleep. I figured it was the universes way of telling me I had to get up and do some work. I attempted to get as much work done as possible before heading over to brunch at Liz’s real house! She lives close to school and her parents invited us over for a delicious breakfast. I love going over to her house because it is part of big family and they are always so warm and welcoming. After a funny slideshow of Liz we packed up and headed back to school to finish the homework we had all been putting off all weekend. It was a great weekend, but I wish it had been longer so I could have gotten more done. I am really looking forward to next weekend when I have absolutely nothing to do except our senior 200’s!!!


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