remember whensday pt. 5

Yesterday I voted for the first time in a presidential election, it was kind of awesome. I mean I didn’t actually get to vote yesterday I voted after all the debates had finished and then sent in my absentee ballot. I think the next four years of our lives are going to be interesting no matter who is in office.

Moving on, in two weeks I will be in CT and I couldn’t be more happy. I need a break from school and it is coming at the perfect time. I haven’t left school since I arrived in early July and I am just getting a little stir crazy here. I also will be getting a haircut..wahoooo. This girls mane is a little too long and it needs to be chopped.

Later today I will have part two of midterm #2 in one of my accounting classes. I am not sure how the first part went, I studied…a lot. But sometimes that just doesn’t seem to help. I am almost positive I put one number in the wrong space on a question, but I can’t remember if it is in a spot that will change the answer of my problem. If that makes any sense at all. The second part is going to be multiple choice and I just plain suck at multiple choice so hopefully I can do a little better than normally.

Lastly I cannot stop listening to the new Taylor Swift CD and I do not even like her that much. I liked her a lot more when she first came out, but to be honest, I am over her. I do think this CD is probably better than the last and maybe that’s why I like it more. My favorites are Treacherous and I Knew You Were Trouble.

With that rant, I leave you with my remember whensday pt. 5 pictures! I know Halloween was a week ago, but I was browsing through my pictures and couldn’t help it when I came across my old Halloween pictures!!

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