it’s sad

It is sad that I haven’t read a book for fun in way to long. I miss falling asleep reading my kindle instead of falling asleep thinking about whether or not I did my homework correctly. I don’t even know what I want to read for fun. So if anyone has any good book recommendations I am all ears. I reallllly want to get back into the swing of reading each night, it just seems like I go to bed WAY to exhausted to do anything except pass out.

The last book I read was Gone Girl. I read maybe 5 pages, and that could be pushing it. I had borrowed it through the online library and before I knew it, the book was being sucked back out of my kindle into the library world again. It’s sad because I really did want to read that book, maybe the wait list won’t be so long next time I go to pick up the book.

Have you read any good books recently?


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