five things friday

1. I am on duty tonight…and tomorrow night. I am not looking forward to it. This is literally the worst part of being an RA. Saturday night I assume will be worse than tonight. Our fall concert is on Saturday and I imagine many first year students will attend, which means who knows what they will be up to before the concert. I am hoping I do not have to find out.

2. I have a midterm next week, not just a midterm, a week-long midterm. Ugh, the first midterm for this class didn’t go as planned so hopefully this one goes better. Also why I hope things are quiet this weekend so I actually have time to study a little.

3. 17 days until I leave for Thanksgiving. Hollllllla’

4. Pinterest is probably the best and worst procrastination tool on the face of this planet. I spend far to long pinning recipes I want to make, but probably never will. I also spend too much time pinning outfits I will never own, unfortunately. I did however find a really cool DIY project that I want to make!

5. Tonight I am going to Annie and Erin’s house for a mock Thanksgiving dinner. Annie’s boyfriend has been visiting from Belgium for a couple of weeks and before he goes home they wanted to do a Thanksgiving dinner. I am in charge of veggies so that should be easy.

Have a good weekend!


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