College Cooking At It’s Best

I am trying to perfect the act of college cooking, in a small college dorm room without a stove or oven. Pinterest has become my best friend when it comes to finding easy, CHEAP meals. I have used my crockpot and toaster oven for this a lot. This past weekend I used my toaster oven to create a pizza roll.

Not the best picture, but you get the point.

This was one of the easiest meals I have ever created. I used three ingredients, and it look less than 15 minutes to prep and cook!
It might not have been the healthiest, but at this point easy and cheap is what I am looking for. Also it gave me a two meals, for a normal person it may have given more, but I was hungry during the first meal.


  • Pillsbury Pizza Dough
  • Pepperoni
  • Cheese


  • Follow directions on dough package for preheating oven
  • Roll dough out on a cookie sheet
  • Place pepperoni along dough, cover with cheese
  • Roll dough into large roll
  • Cook in oven for 10-15 minutes depending on dough

Rolling up the pizza roll!

Waiting for the Pizza Roll to be done.

Like I said one of the easiest things I have ever cooked. Granted my pizza roll did not turn out perfect (some of the dough didn’t cook enough) it was delicious. I will definitely be making this again, and I would suggest anyone who needs a quick meal also make this. ENJOY!!


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