Webers Farm!

This post is going to include some pictures, but they are all from my phone so the quality is not awesome. Anywayssss this past weekend at school was fall break. I didn’t go home because the price of plane tickets was unreal. Instead I took a million (or 4 1/2) shifts at work and a duty shift. I also ran some errands, oh and went to Webers Farm!

Webers Farm just happens to be right down the road from Liz’s house so I got to be the direction guru because I knew exactly how to get there (I felt pretty cool). Some of the RAs on my staff were having a program to go pumpkin picking this past weekend and myself as well as some other RAs decided to tag along, but drive ourselves so we could leave when we wanted. My main goal of this trip was apple cider donuts.

I actually wanted to purchase every single thing in that cute little store. I didn’t get a pumpkin because I don’t like the insides when you cut them open and I would have nothing to do with a jack-o-lantern. Instead I contained myself to an extent. Along with the donuts, I also got Caramel Apple Break…SO GOOD! I am not the hugest apple cider fan, but I got a cup of it because “When in Rome.”

I am so happy I got to go. I didn’t think I would be able to make it out to the farm this year so I am extra happy. I know if I am still in Baltimore next year, I will be back again.


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