I can’t remember if I have talked about it on the blog before, but to graduate from Loyola you need to do 2 of 3 requirements. I had done the abroad thing, but never got an internship so I was left with service learning. I do not mind that I was left with service learning, I probably would have taken a class at some point even if I wasn’t being forced. I was never one to do a lot of service in high school and even here in college. I hadn’t found something that I was passionate about and I don’t think that doing service just to do it is really a good thing. I would much rather be passionate about something and invest my time in that. Anywho I figured what a better way to share my experience than here on the ol’ bloggity. I have to write a response every two weeks and I have been going for a month so I have two response. I am going to share my first response today and at another point my second. I am actually currently, while this post is being uploaded, right in the middle of my time at the school. If you feel like reading on go ahead (it may be long) if not I won’t hate you for closing your internet tab now.


As a child who misbehaved and fooled around in class all the time growing up I now realize what teachers really go through. Although I don’t believe I acted out as much as some of these children, I still understand how stressful it is to manage a group of students who would much rather talk amongst themselves. At TPCS was assigned to a 4th grade classroom. At home in the winter I teach skiing and I was excited to be working with students around the age that I teach at home. I walked into the situation having NO idea what I would be doing. On the first day I was quickly thrown into the mix and was assigned to start helping the students “publish” their papers. I was a little apprehensive because I am in no way an English major or am in no way a good or strong writer.

I learned the only reason I was helping with that was because I had arrived almost half an hour early. On a typical day I spend 2 hours at the school. While there my class has gym and media class. In gym class they have been doing fitness testing, so the students get to have free time. During this free time they are allowed to jump rope, play basketball, and kick a soccer ball around. I usually walk around the gym and stop by each group of students, last week I even jump roped with them.

After gym the class goes to media class. I thought this was very interesting because growing up I never had media class. There were a select number of computers in my classroom and we never had time strictly assigned to learning on the computer. Another student from our ethics class is in the media class when we get there and my students love him. The students struggle a lot in media especially with paying attention to the teacher. It has been very interesting getting to know these students as well as learning how the students are taught and how the learn.


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