I made chili! I am not the hugest chili fan so I was a little nervous about this. It ended up turning out fantastic. I prepped the pepper and onion the night before and in the morning threw it all in my crockpot. SO SIMPLE. It took maybe 15 minutes and then a short 7.5 hours later it was ready to eat.

My roommate Liz ended up coming over early Sunday morning to get out of her house and do homework somewhere else. I had to work at noon so I left and she stayed to finish a paper. When I got back at 4pm all you could smell walking down the hallway was chili and boy did it smell good. Liz’s mom makes amazing vegetarian chili so I invited her to stay and taste test this new recipe. She said she loved it. It was fate that she came over because let’s be honest there was a lot of chili and there was no way I was eating the whole crock pot by myself.

I froze some of it for later next month when I am craving something easy! I used this super easy recipe and I will be printing it out asap! I am becoming a fan of chili. Oh and my chili had no meat in it because I do not have a stove top to brown the ground beef so it’s just all beans. I think maybe originally I didn’t like chili because with the ground beef there is just a lot going on the bowl.

I look forward to more soup/chowder concoctions this coming winter. I am so happy I bought a crockpot it is literally the easiest thing in the entire world. Now all I need to do is buy the liners so I have less washing to do. Yes I am extremely lazy, and I am taking applicants for anyone who wants to eat chili and wash my dishes for free.


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