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First off sorry for no post on Wednesday, I have been physically drained all week and next week is shaping up to look the same. I will try to get in all three posts next week! Second is my post topic. Earlier this week in our area meeting we did an exercise based around Coming Out Week that demonstrated how certain people may feel when they come out. This is extremely important for us as RAs because we could have residents who are struggling with this same thing and have no one to turn to.

We were each given a plethora of stars to choose from. These stars would represent a real percentage of people. I grabbed a light blue star and figured it was good enough. We were instructed to write down on the five points: our closest friend who we tell everything to, one family member that can always make you happier, your dream job, a community you are apart of, and finally our hopes and dreams for your future. After we were to get in a circle to start the exercise.

We ran through scenarios of what it may be like for a person to come out, starting with coming out to their closest friend. Each color star represented a different way or treatment towards coming out. I don’t want to say I was lucky, but I was. My colored star had the easiest coming out process, everyone completely accepted us for who we are and were reassuring that we were doing the right thing by coming out. Others in the group were not so lucky, one color ultimately had no points on their star left because no one supported them and in the scenario they eventually ended up hurting themselves because no one was there for them to turn to. It was interesting to actually think about which color star I would be in real life if I were going through this. Obviously I would hope the blue treatment would be it, but who really knows until you are going through that.

As well as this exercise in my area meeting I was also assigned to debate Gay Rights in my ethics class. Next week my entire ethics class will be debating the three issues that the Supreme Court will also be debating. I as well as 8 others will debate the pros and cons to gay rights. I haven’t looked into the little details yet and I do not know which side I will be debating for, but I think it will be extremely educational to both sides. Considering this topic is very heated in today’s society it will be interesting to see how it turns out. Although the Supreme Court said they may not even get to this issue.

Obviously I did not say what I am for or against because I do not think it matters, I just think it is eye-opening to think about yourself actually in someone else shoes. It is one thing to say oh I know what it would be like, but actually doing the exercise made it feel real. On another note (and my last..sorry for the long post!) SOMEONE PLAN ME A SPRING BREAK VACATION!


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