This past weekend I slept in, went to a review session, went to fells fest, and went to the movies! It was a fun filled Saturday and a laid back Sunday.

Fells Fest is a festival in Fells Point that happens in early October each year. It is filled with lots of food, art, music, movies. Basically it is just awesome. It is fair season at home and being at Fells Fest reminded me of that. I ate funnel cake, had a crab cake sandwich and walked a lot.

Annie and I had plans to see a movie once I got back. We decided on Perks of Being a Wallflower. I hadn’t really heard about it or read the book, I had just seen a couple of commercials. The movie was showing at the Charles Theatre so we headed downtown to go see it. I had never been in the theatre and it is really nice. I wish we had gotten there a little earlier so I could have grabbed a crepe from Sofis Crepes next door. The movie was really good, I enjoyed it so much that I now want to read the book. The only thing I didn’t like about it was that Emma Watson seemed to go in and out with her accent. Obviously not on purpose, but it was a little weird.

After the exhausting (but fun) day I was more than ready to climb in my bed when I got back. I threw on my pajamas quicker than I ever have and passed out. With an early morning wake up on Sunday for work I attempted to get a good amount of studying and homework done before my shift ended at noon. I decided a nap was necessary after work and took a quick nap. The rest of my Sunday was spent being very lazy and more homework.


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