Today marks the first day of October. The month of September went by both extremely fast and extremely slow if that is possible at all. The past four weeks have been filled with a lot of getting back into the swing of things, meeting lots of new residents, working, homework and a lot of other stuff. I am going to highlight some of my favorite things from the past month!

Week 1: My residents moved in (okay that was the last day of August), Classes started, I started working again, and I added somethings to my bucket list!

Week 2: My first area program, I got into the accounting honor society, Thomas and Michael came, Bruce Springsteen, family fun day, and SENIOR 250’s!

Week 3: Applications for graduation were due (scary), had my first documentation, finally had a down week with not a lot of homework (it was needed).

Week 4: My first floor program, preparing to study for midterms (ew), a lot of getting myself organized.

September was busy and I am sad to say that my last September of my undergraduate career is over. The year is already flying by, soon it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas and then 2013!


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