100 days

Monday marked 100 days until new years…seems a bit crazy if you ask me, 100 days! Holy smokes can’t wait to be home for xmas break to see all mah homiessss!! I was reading on another blog that the author was going to have 100 day challenge. I considered joining hers and then just decided that I would start my own challenge and see how I hold up to myself.

Goals for the next 100 days:

  • Finish at least 1 more book for fun – this does not count the book I am currently reading
  • Have a blog post every M/W/F – even if it is just a funny picture from years ago
  • Don’t leave papers/projects for the last-minute!
  • Build a community within my floor
  • Stay organized, and keep my room clean

I think for now those are enough goals for the next 100 days. To me these all seem attainable and I didn’t want to set myself up for failure. The first goal is something that I really try hard to do. Reading for class becomes mundane and just downright boring. Last spring I tried to read every night before I went to bed and I have been keeping that streak alive. Some nights I am just exhausted so I don’t get to it, but most nights I try to get in bed 30 minutes before I want to actually be asleep and then just read. It is nice to read something other than what goes in to designing a database and why business intelligence is important to gain a strategic advantage. Sometimes reading for class is just too much.


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