weekend catch-up

Friday night I had BIG plans. Do my homework, go on rounds, finish applying to some last-minute jobs. Going on rounds was the only thing I accomplished. Boy was Friday a busy night, I am not going to go into details, but it was a night every RA prays for…NOT! I left my room at 7:50pm for the 8pm rounds and didn’t return until 2:15am when we finished up our 2am rounds.

Saturday I was awoken by a phone call from Erin asking if I wanted to get bagels with her because her brother was in town for the weekend and I hadn’t gotten to see them the night before because I was on duty. I sadly had to decline because I already had plans to go to target to get some stuff for my upcoming floor program (stay tuned for that) and get some fruit. When I got back I decided I should be a little social and spent some quality time playing ladder ball in Erin and Annie’s backyard. After a Panera dinner and some homework I took a wonderful nap and was back at it. I spent the night hanging out with Annie, Liz, and Erin and it was nice to catch up with 503. Brought back some great memories from when we were all roommates!

Sunday I spent the morning sleeping in, and it was glorious. I grabbed lunch with Nora and Annie at a cafe up the street from school that uses our swipe. I used to go to this cafe at least every other week sophomore year and now that I live on the opposite side of campus I have barely been so it was nice to go again. I spent the rest of the day doing homework, sending emails, and catching up on things. Some of my friends were lucky enough to attend the patriots vs ravens game so I gave them a ride into the harbor so they wouldn’t have to pay ridiculous amounts to take a cab.

Overall the weekend was a win, and I wish there was just one extra day to it so I wouldn’t have to go to classes tomorrow.



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