end of a great weekend

Sunday I slept in, which I hadn’t done in far to long. I look forward to repeating the sleeping in this weekend as well. I attempted to do some work before I would have to leave to pick up my brothers and drop them off at the airport. My Uncle and Aunt had the perfect idea of parking in the cellphone lot while I was in the airport with Thomas and Michael so I wouldn’t have to pay to park! We got to the gate with perfect timing. About 15 minutes later they started loading the plane and then they were off.

After an extremely long weekend I was more than happy to come back to school and do nothing. I had a quick meeting to schedule work and the I went to bed early because I had to work Monday morning 4-8am. This week has just flown by as well. I applied to a bunch of jobs and am now in the waiting phase. This week was a little less heavy with the meetings/work/homework load so I took some time to catch up on things and get myself ahead.

This weekend I have absolutely NO plans and it feels amazing. There is a large chance I won’t leave my room/bed for more than 10 minutes the entire weekend…and I don’t hate it.


One thought on “end of a great weekend

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