4 hours of sleep later

That is right, after getting to bed at 2:30am on Saturday my wake up call was 6:30am. We had plans to attend family fun day at my Uncle’s work and we needed to leave the house by 7am. We ended up leaving 15 minutes behind schedule, but it didn’t make a big deal so it was fine. It was a great family fun day with lots of things to see, do, and some free samples too! I drove myself because I needed to get back to school after and we decided it would be smarter for me to leave straight from there.

After getting stuck in stop and go traffic for around 45 minutes I finally made my way closer to school. An hour and a half later I was back and ready for a nap. I only got to sleep for an hour and a half, but that was plenty for the night I had ahead of myself. I got a bag together and headed over to Annie and Erin’s house. We were all going to our first senior 250s event as the first greek olympians. Earlier in the week they had bought sheets for all of us. After watching a couple of youtube videos on how to actually make a toga we were dressed and ready to begin the festivities. The event started at 8, and after showing up fashionably late we made our way around finding the rest of our friends.

There was food, a photo op place, and lots of dancing. It was a great night with great friends and I can’t wait to see what the theme of the next one is. Senior 200’s is next!


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