My brothers are coming for the weekend! Tomorrow we will spend all day at family fun day. I will be coming back to school tomorrow night without them and they will stay another night at our Uncle and Aunt’s house. On Sunday we will meet up so I can collect the boys and bring them back to the airport for their journey back home.

Although my brothers coming to visit is exciting news I have some other exciting news also. Earlier this week I was invited to pledge Beta Alpha Psi the accounting honor society. We had our first meeting yesterday night and I am beyond excited. I was a little sad last year when I didn’t get invited, but I had gotten over that. I was NOT expecting to get a letter of invitation at all so it was a nice surprise. Hopefully this semester of accounting doesn’t kill me and I will be able to stay in the society.

Now my time will be spent applying for jobs, peeing my pants as I wait and studying.


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