remember whensday: p3

Remember when fire drills were annoying beyond belief? Oh I do because we had one yesterday morning at 8:30am. I had half an hour left to sleep before I needed to get up and do something with my life. I should have gone to 8am yoga with Erin because I would have much rather done that than have been rudely awaken by the fire alarm. In other news I threw on my shirt inside out #noob.


A year ago I was getting ready to leave on the best adventure of my life. My parents were dropping me off at Newark Airport and within the span of a day I would arrive in Newcastle to a whole new experience. I can ultimately say it was the most fulfilling experience ever and I would suggest it to anyone. I learned so much about living on a different continent from my parents. I learned how to live on my own, how to travel on my own. How to appreciate the little things. I wish I was getting on that plan again today and doing it all over. One day I’ll be back!


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