Sorry for no post on Monday, I have been beyond stressed out trying to figure out my day-to-day schedule. When I first came to Loyola and got my work-study job I chose a job solely because it was flexible and I knew that was something that I would want. Well three years later, they decided to switch up how they do the scheduling. They decided to give us certain days and for the whole semester that is when we would work. This is fine, but by being in college our schedules are constantly changing. So many people complained and my desk coordinator decided to switch it up again and go back to the old system. Which we were all VERY happy about.

So last night we had an impromptu meeting to fix the scheduling and now everyone is happy and content. I also found out that now that I am no longer work-study (b.c I am an RA) I can work as many hours as I want, instead of only a certain amount of hours before they cut me off!! Along with scheduling for the desk, we have to schedule for duty. So I already know when I am on duty for the rest of the month, but next week we will schedule for the rest of the semester. Duty is being schedule how the desk was originally supposed to be scheduled this year. So every other week I will be on duty on a certain day.

Last but not least I have to schedule my service learning class. I can’t graduate unless I take this class and it has been driving me insane not knowing when I will be going to service each week. I have to complete a certain amount of hours before the end of the semester for it to qualify. All I want to know is what days I will be going so I can pencil in that time. There are so many things to schedule and I cannot wait until it’s over!

I almost wish it was the middle of October school wise. Then we would be in the full swing of things and I wouldn’t have to worry about all this, but at the same time I don’t want to rush away senior year. Last night I started writing cover letters and it makes my head spin. I don’t want to grow uppppp. I’m not sure who says it, but that quote that says youth is wasted on the young is so true and I am not even old.


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