I can’t believe it’s over!

Both my classes are finished! I finished up my last final Thursday night and I am so happy to be done. It has been a long six weeks and an even longer week it feels like. Let me back up a second, RA training started on last Sunday and ever since I have been go go go. I thankfully had studied mildly before training started because I knew I wouldn’t get anytime come the week. So since then I have been sitting in on session about how to be awesome (kind of) and live tweeting with the rest of the RAs using the hashtag #loyolaSLtraining. On Monday I saw one of my favorite administrators on campus. She is unfortunately (but really good for her) leaving to go abroad. I hadn’t seen her all summer since I had been here so it was nice to catch up and say goodbye. I told her I was super jealous of her and that I was happy she was going. I actually feel like I owe a lot to her, she was the assistant director in Sophomore Initiatives when I was a sophomore and I became close with her then. When I worked with the special interest housing last year I got to work closely with her for another year and loved it. I think I would still be in a rut with no idea what I want to do or how I would have gotten involved on campus without the programs she put on during my sophomore year. So thank you Kim!!

Monday and Tuesday went by slowly, Wednesday went by a little faster as I got to get out before dinner so I could attempt to study some. I had built myself a nice little buffer in the class so I went into the test knowing what I knew and not worrying about what I didn’t. I didn’t do the best I could have, but I got a B+ (1 point away from an A-) in the class. I am extremely happy because after having to drop this class in the spring I was a little nervous about that. But alas I did fine in the class and moved on. Thursday I had my auditing final, but also a longggg day of RA training. Training seemed to NEVER end and then when it did I rushed to my final and was again not confident. I know I did well on the long answer problems, but unfortunately they don’t make up the majority of points on the test. So who knows, I am still waiting on my grade. I am not expecting to do as well as the other class, but it was a lot of information in a short period of time.

Friday was another busy day, but we got to have a little bit of a later start which was nice. Friday night I got together with my friend Mary and went out for dessert which was nice to catch up. I slept over Erin’s house because non of her roommates are here yet and I hadn’t seen her in a while. Saturday was our first free day of training!!! Mary and I went to target and homegoods to run some errands. I needed a planner because I didn’t have one yet and I was going a little nuts. When we got back I worked on stuff I had to do before my residents arrived, and even got to meet some of my early arrivals! After that with some of my fellow staff we went to the mall and then out to sushi dinner! It was sooooo good and I am glad I went!


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