senior 250s

Here at Loyola they have a little something called senior 250s. It basically is a count down to graduation, the saddest one is just the 50 because those 50 days will go by so stinkin’ fast. Well earlier this week the theme of this party was announced.

That’s right an Olypmic theme. WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO DO NOW!!? I am in no way I repeat no way in shape to wear a leotard or a Speedo, there goes being a gymnast or a swimmer (the only cool things). I also could not pull of Misty Mays or Kerri Walsh’s uniforms, another down. Handball was thrown around, ping pong. Seriously I have no idea, any help would be awesome. Get your creative juices a flowin’ people and TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD BE!


3 thoughts on “senior 250s

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