remember whensday part 2

You can find remember whensday part 1 here, boy that was a long time ago. This remember whensday I am going to give you a picture and a recap of some resolutions from new years. Lets start out with that picture shall we. This is a picture of my parents and I when I started college three very short years ago.

My 2012 Resolutions:

  • Get ripped in better shape: Maybe some trips to the gym with my gym buddies Taylor, Jenn, and Kat as well as some outdoor runs and eating better (although who am I kidding the Towson Diner will still be a recurring thing)
  • Run more races: I see some 5ks, maybe some 10ks, and a 20k (ahem Uncle Danny – Labor Day) in my future
  • Start studying for the CPA exam: First step…buying the book.
  • Get a 3.0 for the semester
  • Keep the blog going: because even though I disappear sometimes, I really do love blogging as well as reading all the blogs I do
  • Learn to be a good RA

The last time I did a little update on the resolutions I decided it would be the last because some of these resolutions no longer applied. Well I have decided I am going to bring it back even if the hopes are that I continue to use it as a way to stay blogging, because lets be real sometimes blogging on this little blog that a small amount of people read is what keeps me sane. Now thats a run on sentence if I have ever seen one.


  • HA get in better shape, well obvi that is still on the list. Since moving back to school I have not visited the FAC I am just as mad at myself, but hopefully that will change once the school year starts and I have some gym buddies. There is nothing more boring than going to the gym by yourself. I did however do a month of bootcamp and would have done another, but I knew I would be returning to school right in the middle of it.
  • Well I haven’t run anymore races since the 5k on Good Friday. I would have run the Freedom 5k had I been home two weekends ago. I asked Liz to run some races with me this fall and I think we might, hopefully. She did tell me about a race in December where you put jingle bells on your sneakers, that one sounds fun!
  • Studying for the CPA is totally on hold, as I try to figure out what I want to do with my life. First step making it past first semester alive and the GMAT.
  • I GOT A 3.33 THIS PAST SEMESTER! Bringing my total GPA above a 3.0. I know it sounds dumb, because a 3.0 seems like the easiest thing in the world to do, but I have been struggling with it my entire time here at Loyola and I am proud of myself for finally being able to bring it above that 3.0. I have gotten above a 3.0 every semester since sophomore year, but it is so darn hard to bring a GPA up once its down. I don’t plan on letting it slip back down!
  • I have been blogging at least since I got back to school. It was hard to have anything to blog about while I was working everyday at home. My routine never changed I didn’t do anything, but work eat and sleep. Now that I am back, things will be happening (hopefully).
  • I would like to think that I got the hang of being a good RA last spring. It was hard and a struggle for me to come into it after an amazing RA left for the spring semester, but I like to think I made a difference even if it was just in a couple of people. Hopefully this year will be a little easier. The residents move in next week!


So there is my recap of my resolutions. They never really left my mind, I always thought of them so I consider that a win the new years resolution department! ps today is my 21 1/2 birthday!!! 🙂 And just because this post is word happy, here’s a picture of me on my real birthday!


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