back to the beginning

I feel like I have come full circle on my college career (it’s not over yet though!). My freshman year at Loyola I lived in a dorm called Flannery O’Connor, then for sophomore and junior year I lived in Campion, now senior year I am back in Flan. I am living in Flannery again because I got a job as a freshman RA. I am really excited to begin the year (also nervous) with my new residents. I know this will be completely different from last year because I am not coming in half way through the year trying to fill some big shoes. I get to create my own shoes! I have some fun ideas for bulletin boards, door decorations, and floor programs. One of my friends is also an RA on the same staff so I think it would be great to collaborate on some programs also. And hopefully she forces my butt to the FAC a couple of times a week.


I have a feeling this fall is going to be UBER stressful, but I have some fun things planned for myself as well as the butt load of homework I know will ensue. Some big decisions are definitely in my future, and its become a little overwhelming trying to decide what I want to do. I just have to keep telling myself it will work out in the end. I can’t believe three years ago I pulled into the library parking lot with my parents to move me into my dorm for the first time and now I moved myself back into this dorm for the last time. It’s a little sad to see that college went by so fast and I feel like it just got away from me. If I could rewind back the beginning I would, I wouldn’t change what I did or how I lived throughout college, but I would try to slow it all down. For now I am trying to stay focused on my classes happening here and now and not let the fall scare me.

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Here are some pictures of my apartment/suite that I just moved into. It is not finished being decorated, I still have some things I want to do with it and the pictures are from right after I had moved in. I was expecting a space much smaller, but this little suite is the perfect size for one person and I am so happy here!!


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