I had no clue

I had no clue that there was professional lax. It makes sense; there is professional football, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf and so on. But for some reason it never crossed my mind. Last weekend I got a text on Saturday morning from Liz asking if I wanted to attend a lax game with her. I guess I just assumed it was a college league, kind of like the baseball league in Cape Cod, but it is not. Liz’s friend from high school has been interning for the Chesapeake Bay Hawks all summer, we were lucky enough for her to get us two tickets to the game. Since the game was right around dinner time we stopped and got some subway on our way to the naval academy. Katherine got us tickets that were great, we were just a couple of rows up from the field and the view was great.

So at the end of the game I asked Katherine who all these guys were and where did they come from. She explained that they have all graduated college and have real jobs, but they play lacrosse on the weekends, which I thought was kind of cool. Throughout the game they threw shirts into the fans, twice shirts fell right next to us, but the people who dropped them needed/wanted them more than we did. So we kind of had a double loss, but that is okay. We took pictures with Hawk Eye, like any normal 21 year olds would do. By the time the game was over and we started to make our way back home, I became so exhausted, I think moving my entire life across campus took a lot out of me the day before.


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