Restaurant Week

In celebration of Baltimore’s restaurant week my friend Jenn and I went out to dinner. We are both huge sushi fans and we decided we needed to get sushi. A friend’s brother had recommended a sushi place at Harbor East, but we never got around to going last semester. This particular restaurant just happened to be offering a deal for restaurant week. It was 30$ for 4 courses. I would say that is a good deal for sushi. We had three choices for the first three courses and two choices for the fourth course. At this restaurant they bring out the food as it’s made so I ended up getting all my food before Jenn got any of hers.

For my first course I got:

For my second course I got:

For my third course I got:


Everything I got was delicious!! I would recommend RA Sushi to anyone. The presentations of the plates were so beautiful and everything tasted better than I imagined. Before Jenn and I left we scoured the room seeing what everyone else had ordered and we decided we will be returning soon. It was a pricey meal, but in my opinion it was worth it and I haven’t been out to eat in a while. The restaurant was very hipyou could say; the music was loud, there was a bar area, a sushi bar, a patio, and a restaurant are. We sat in the restaurant area, but we both agree that we would enjoy sitting at the sushi bar also. There were so many options to choose from on the menu that I will have to look over the menu before I go so I don’t get to overwhelmed. Overall I give this night out a 5, I basically felt overstuffed when I left and I probably could have rolled out of there. RA Sushi, I will be back, prepare yourself!!

Jenn’s Sushi

All the Sushi

My Sushi

Mango Lobster Roll


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