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This past week my time has been filled with note on auditing, bonds payable, notes payable, and a whole lot more accounting. Tuesday night I had an exam in my auditing class, and there was so much information. We have covered 9 chapters, which doesn’t seem like all that much, but we also have only had 4 classes. Yes you read that right, four classes. My teacher explained to us that normally we would be about a month into the course, instead of just two weeks. I studied my butt off and still felt unprepared, it just felt so overwhelming. I don’t usually feel overwhelmed going into a test, I prepare and I feel confident with my preparations. I just didn’t feel that way, I felt like I hadn’t retained any information at all. I guess I was wrong because I did know a couple of the answers on the test. My teacher decided we would go over the test right after we were done. As we went over the multiple choice problems I cringed question after question. I am horrible and always have been horrible at multiple choice, it just really isn’t my strong point. I would much rather have 20 long answer questions. I didn’t end up doing terrible, but it wasn’t good. Thank god multiple choice was only 80 points of the test, the other 45 came from long answers which I feel very confident about. I calculated it and if I get 5 points off each long answer (which I hope I don’t) I will still receive a grade I can be happy about. Auditing is just so full of information, it doesn’t help that this past fall they changed things so we are learning the new and old all rolled into one.


Wednesday night was spent in my intermediate class….with another test. Two nights in a row and two long tests. I split my time pretty fairly when studying, but I felt much more confident about this test than Tuesdays. Since this is the class I am retaking, not all of the information was new to me. I am trying very hard to treat this like the first time I am taking the class and try not to space out during my three-hour class periods. I did have to learn a new chapter before this test and I can safely say it was just plain hard. This test felt the opposite of the previous one, I felt confident going in and when I came out I just knew it wasn’t right. There were a couple of questions that I had absolutely no idea what the answer was, there were a couple that I couldn’t remember how exactly they had to be calculated. The worst part about it was I looked at it earlier in the day because I couldn’t remember how to do it. It was just hard, I went in thinking I could do it, and I came out completely confused.

Hopefully things will have gone my way (even just a little bit) and things will look up on Monday.


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