the best brownies in the entire world

Did that title entice you even a little? It sure would for me. Last week I created a masterpiece that I had been eying all summer. These brownies have been making their way around the Pinterest world. Some call these brownies “slutty brownies” I call them heaven. It is all my favorite things baked into one!!! After I pinned these I clicked off to the original recipe which came from What’s Gaby Cooking. I did take a few short cuts from this recipe though. While I was still living at home I had bought a bag of cookie mix to make cookies and a box of brownie mix to make brownies, but never got around to it. These came in handy and I did not have to make my own brownies or my own cookies. I am going to say, I bet these brownies would taste a million times better. I have plenty more brownie recipes I am hoping to try out such as these, these, these, and these. As I eat my body weight in brownies, I suggest you all click over to Gaby’s blog and then go out to the store and buy the materials to bake this little slice of heaven.


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