As Charlie Sheen would say I am currently winning. I swear I have the best luck in the entire world. If you remember a while back, to be exact Memorial Day weekend I ran over a nail and got my first flat tire. This was my first flat tire and it completely caught me by surprise. I did however then feel like I would know the next time I had a flat. False I didn’t realize it, someone pointed it out to me. And wouldn’t you know it, it’s the same exact tire I popped a month ago. Luck is definitely on my side. I replaced my tire in June and everything has been running smoothly. Well last Wednesday I decided I would go to the farmers market, I should have just stayed home. Instead of running over a nail this time, I hit the curb. Apparently I hit the curb hard because it was enough to pop my tire and leave it completely flat.

After sweating my butt off trying to figure out what to do I found someone to fix my tire. I had stopped for lunch just up the road from school (walking distance) and knew there was a gas station/car fixeruper right down the road so I walked there and asked if they could help me. There was only one guy working so he couldn’t leave the store unattended. Next try AAA, after being on hold for 10 minutes and then having to answer questions I didn’t know the answers too, some guys who worked next the cafe I was at asked if I needed help. YES I NEEDED HELP! They offered to fix my tire for free and I watched. About 20 minutes later my spare tire was on and I was off to school just in time for class.

Thursday when I got up I immediately went back to the car place. I explained what had happened yesterday and if they could help me. The guy was super helpful and he went to find me a tire! I was a little worried he would try to rip me off, but I paid for my tire last month so I know exactly how much a tire should cost. He told me he would match the price because he could tell they were brand new tires. I told him how much I paid and he said he usually charges a mere 7$ more, $7 I can handle that. I can honestly say that now I feel confident enough to be able to change my tire by myself. After watching my dad do it for me the first time and then a second time by these guys I think I could do it. The guys at BP fixed my tire for me completely, it ended up costing a little less than what they told me and they did the job quickly. The guy that helped me told me to come back in before a road trip and he would fill my tires with air and check my oil. I will say I never really liked BP because of what happened with the oil spill and the way they went about fixing it (obviously that was not ever BP worker and I learned a lot about the spill in my law class) but I will definitely be giving this BP station my business in the future if I for some reason need help again. They were so friendly and helpful, it truly made this experience a whole lot better, and I didn’t even end up crying once…which is rare. I would say this is a good rough start to being back in Baltimore for the summer.


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