The reason for my summer spent in Baltimore was so I could take two classes. One of these classes is to catch up on the class I had to drop in the spring and the second class is one so I can get ahead and not have to take it in the fall!! Originally I was told the teacher in the summer would be the same teacher I had in the fall, this concerned me because I am pretty sure the only reason I was doing so poorly was because of his teaching style. Well a couple of weeks ago I emailed him a question and he informed me he was no longer teaching the class. PRAISE THE SWEET LORD! Instead I have a new to Loyola teacher. My teacher has been out of college for four years where she worked with an accounting firm in Baltimore while working on her Masters and receiving her CPA. She recently decided what she actually wanted to do was teach Accounting. So she is going back to school to get her PHD so she can teach. I absolutely love her teaching style, she basically dumbs it down to the basics so we get the original gist. She told us the one thing she really wants us to get out of this class is all the basics so we can do everything. So far things have been going well.


My second class is Auditing. My teacher is a hoot. He makes outlines of all the chapters for us to have which is great, I feel like I have to read the chapters to get all the information though. I mean I guess that is what you are supposed to do anyways, but I usually struggle to keep up with all the reading. My goal though is to keep up with all the readings and hopefully be able to follow along 100%. With both classes the homework is based solely on our attempt to do it, which I think is a great thing for all teachers to do. I don’t worry that all my homework isn’t 100% correct, I can take the time to actually understand it. Although they both will say they will collect one homework assignment that would be graded, which I think is completely valid and is a nice grade booster for when you do, do your homework correctly. So far I am enjoying both classes and I hope it will keep up.


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