Good Morning Baltimore

Last Sunday I filled up my tank and hit the road to Baltimore. Arriving a little after 1:30pm in the sweltering heat I unpacked the contour. I am temporarily living in one dorm room until the beginning of August and then I will move into my housing for the 2012/2013 school year. I was/am hesitant to unpack everything, but my room feels so lonely without all my stuff. I decided to keep a light fixture, my crock pot, my toaster oven, my blender, and my Panini maker still boxed up not unpacked. I mean the chances of me having to use those in the next week were small. I did however unpack my coffee maker because let’s be honest, I need my coffee. I also kept any clothing that would be considered clothing you would wear because you are cold. I am not cold, and I will not be cold in the next month because the weather is SO HOT here!

So once I decided what to unpack and what not to unpack, I continued to unpack and sweat buckets. As soon as I turned on my air conditioner I felt a million times better. I rearranged my room to try to make as much space as possible. I finally found a solution and I am happy with what I have, only problem is I will have to arrange it back once I move out…oh well. My friend Liz lives in Baltimore and she invited me over for dinner with her family. It was so nice to not have to cook on my first night back and it was a long time coming. We had so much to catch up on because I was abroad last fall, and she went abroad in the spring. It was the perfect start to my summer here in Baltimore!


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