Mount Washington

No I am not talking about the mountain, I am talking about the ultimate ice cream sundae. Three days before I left for school I had a four way date with three of my friends from work. We all planned to cross something off our bucket-lists. This sundae is the mother of all sundaes. It is basically the size of 4 small sundaes. That means 4 LARGE scoops of ice cream, four mounds of whipped cream, four cherries, a banana, hot fudge, sprinkles, and nuts.

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Our goal was to finish the whole thing, you think this may be easy but it is a lot more ice cream than you think. I thought “Oh I can do this, no problem give me half an hour.” FALSE 50 longggg minutes later I was rolling around on the ground holding my stomach as I took my last slurp. Slurp is NOT a word someone should use to describe ice cream, but by minute 50 the ice cream was melted and mixed with thick hot fudge, that was no longer hot. We all finished and I am so proud of us! We could barely look at ice cream the next day at work, but we made it through. Next on our list is the Vermontster from Ben&Jerry’s.


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